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Lollu Express Kisu Kisu Corner

As per the request of our Readers Here is LE's Latest Kisu Kisu Update!!!!!


Mumtaz Birthday Celebrations:

The No.2 Heroine in South "Mumtaz" also called as "Chocolate" Babe is celebrating her Birthday inMadras next month. All her fans from various parts of Tamil Nadu came to attend a Preliminary Function to discuss about how they can go about that function. It's some thing similar To the Asian Games Preliminary function. Thousands of fans came for that function. MumtazWas surprised to see the fans from various Districts. There was a Separate Female Crowd And they call themselves as "ALL INDIA MUMTAZ MAGALIR RASIGAR MANDRAM". The intention Of the function was to discuss how they are going to celebrate her Birthday, which is going to Be in July. Finally Mumtaz and her Fans decided that they are going to celebrate her Birthday In Madras and they are going to give various gifts to Poor People which includes School Uniform, Pencil, Books Etc. Mumtaz was shocked to see her Fans Response. There was a separate Photo section and lots of Jollus presented her with Rose.
What to say. "KALI MUTHI POCHU". Let wait and see how they are going to celebrate her birthday.

"Boomika" - Joins the Bench List:

Badri fame "Boomika" joins the bench list as she fell in Love with Valee Fame Director "S.J. SURYA".
After a long time there was one good Homely figure introduction in Tamil. She was really nice in her acting and at the same time she was calm and to me she is the only female who can be claimed as a Homely Actress in tamil. All the others like Devayani, Suvalakshmi and Kousalya claim themselves as Homely because no one can see them when they show their "Assets". So they try to act with fully covered Saree and say in interview that "ENAKU CHARACTER ROLE PANNA THAN PUDIKUM" etc etc. I don't know what is the meaning or Character Role in Tamil Movies.

All this began in the Telugu Version of "KUSHI". Director S.J., Surya and Boomika fell in love and they both decide to get married. A possible super Heroine is now forced to sit in Bench although she has been signed for couple of other Telugu movies. Result A Homely Figure miss for Tamil Cine field.

Rumors Upsets "MEENA":

The 90's Super Heroine Meena is now under lots of pressure. The Latest Rumor in Kodambakkam which is quite shocking one is the Love developed between Meena and Prabhu Deva. Few say that its

a rumor and few say its not. MEENA's parents who are upset about this as Meena lost many heroine chance in movies because of the Love Rumor that spread like a Forest Fire in Kodambakkam. It seems that the Dance Hero is going to Divorce his Current wife and marry Meena. Few magazine started to publish that she has been house Arrested by her Parents in USA. But later it was found that it was completely a false news as Meena was touring in USA. It was just a Personal Summer trip. What ever may be the issue for sure this was a big upset for Cine fans and a Big Macham for the Prabhu Deva Brothers. Only few people has that Macham. Like Raju Sundaram's Love with Simran. Hope Meena will come over this love issue and act in more movies. That's what fans want
from her.


Kodambakkam top star Simran stars with her Back Stage Lover "Raju Sundaram" Brother of famous dancer Prabhu Deva in I Love You Da. After Devayani's marriagethe next hot topic is Simran
and Raju Sundaram. Fortunately Devayani got married and gave a big relief for Cine fans all over the world. There is one other "Homely" heroine who says that she is not going to act once she gets married. She is the famous "Aasai" fame Suva Lakshmi. If some one marries her it will be another Big relief for us. "INTHA HOMELY HEROINES ARAJAGAM THANGA MUDIYALE DA SWAMY".

But Simran who is a heartthrob of Millions of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urudu, Marati, Panjabi fans is in Serious Love with RAJU SUNDARAM. This has created Lots of Heart Attack for 1000's of her fans. There will be no substitute for her in the Industry. Simran who is a Gorgeous figure and the only heroine in the industry who is looking good. The two have agreed to act in a movie called "I LOVE YOU DA". Sources say that after this movie they both might get married. Unfortunately the trend in Kodambakkam is to stop acting after they get married. Even if they act they wear 20 Feet Saree and act. It will be a costly miss for Millions of Simran fans if she gets married. Hope She will keep the same tempo after her marriage !

"STAR" Cassette Relase a Mess:

"Star" a Prasanth Starter Cassette release was held in Madras few days back. Jothika acts as the Heroine in the movie. MUMTAZ acts as the second heroine in this movie. The highlight of the movie is the music director A.R REHMAN. The cassette release function was held GRT Hotel in T. NAGAR. The function was supposed to start at 5 PM in the evening. Leading starts were present in the function. SIMRAN came with her Sister Monal. The heroine of the movie JOTHIKA was present for the show. Unfortunately the Chief Guest A.R. REHMAN who was supposed to be in Early was not there in time.
Jothika who cant wait for the Music director got pissed off and said that she is going to leave the place. The director of the movie begged her to stay and he managed to extend JOTHIKA's stay for another One hour. Unfortunately she left before the cassette release function. After another Two hours of wait time REHMAN arrived for the show at 8 PM and the cassette release function started 2
hours late of schedule. Unfortunately the hero of the movie PRASANTH was not able to speak anything. STAR Cassette relase was a mess.


Meena a Mind blowing Tamil Artist is in the verge of becoming a TOKYOWOOD Actress. We have all
heard about Bollywood actress becoming Kollywood actress and Kollywood Actress becoming Tollywood actress. But this is the first time in history that a South Tamil Kollywood Kutty is acting in a TOKYAWOOD Actress. After a Big success of "DANCING MAHARAJA" Our Thalivar's Muthu remake in Japanese Language MEENA has become like Goddess in Japan. People in Japan are calling her as DANCING MAHARANI. Hopefully Meena will stick on to Acting alone and we all hope that she will not come back as a SUMO WRESTLER or a KICK BOXER from JAPAN! People in JAPAN love MEENA's eyes and they are saying that her eyes looks like a "Black SEEDLESS GRAPE". Please let me know if you guys feel the same.


Ramya Krishnan who never had a luck in Tamil has almost become an "AMMAN" in the Industry. This Super Duper "CHIKKU FIGURE" is wasted in the Industry. People say that in Andra they just go to her movies to see her "THOPPAI" which is like a "KADANJU EDUTHA VENNAI". The actress came back into tamil after "K. S. RAVI KUMAR"s KARUNAI in PADAYAPPA. Although she was great in that movie People in Tamil Doesn't understand her "Gorgeous" thoppai and Unfortunately she is not able to make a Movie in Kodambakkam. What else can an actress do. Sources say that the director who gave her a re-entry into Tamil is moving Closely with her. Sad heroine. We all hope that they will not give any shocking news to us like SIMRAN gave. If that happens that will be really one of the sad thing to us. Unfortunately the heroine is acting as AMMAN in many movies just to stay in the industry. NALLA FIGURE RODA MAGIMAI THERIYALA PA SWAMY!!!!



The hottest and latest "Love "O" Love" talk in Kodambakkam is the latest Love developed between Vallee, Kushi Super Hit Director S.J. Surya and the New Face "BOOMIKA". The hit director who gave super duper hit movie produced his recent hit movie KUSHI in Telugu with Pavan Kalyan and "BADRI" heroine "BOOMIKA". We all know that BOOMIKA is a very homely figure and her KUSHI telugu version is doing really good in TOOLYWOOD. It seems that the director is standing for her arrival for 3 hours and they both are seen together in many places. S.J SURYA made a smart move in this issue. "FALLING IN LOVE" when the Female steped in the Industry. Good selection.


"KADAL DESAM" fame KADIR is in Love with "KATTU KARADI's" Third daughter SREE DEVI. We all know "KATTU KARADI" Vijaya Kumar has Three "KUTTY KARADI's" Preetha Vijaya Kumar, Sree Devi Vijaya Kumar and Vinitha Vijaya Kumar. KADIR fell in Love with the third Daughter. Sources say that their love is a serious one and hopefully with KATTU KARADI did not object they will get married.


A Red Hot Kisu Kisu Came last week. It seems that Cricket Star "GANGULY" and NAGMA did NAGA Poojai in CULCATTA. The Poojai was done in a Normal Way. Only those who are very close to GANGULY was called for the Poojai and there were no Stars in the Poojai. We all know GANGULY is a Star in Indian Cricket Team and he is the Captain of India. He is a Well known Figure in CRICKET and He has lots and lots of Fans !

NAGMA was a Super Heroine in South. Her "THERAMI" got her up in TELUGU and TAMIL Film Industry. We all know that Sarath Kumar Roamed behind Her for a long time and both of them had nice time together. Now that the Relation between SARTAH and NAGMA broke for some reason, GANGULY thought that its the right time to PICK UP NAGMA!!

These Guys who Play Cricket knows what to do ! They know that they have Equal Star Value as that of the cine stars have stated their Game. Few Days back "JADEJA" was in close Contact with MADURI DIXIT. Other Than CRICKET BALL these Guys Play All other Balls to Perfection!!! I don't know why These Cricket players get mixed with Cine field. I think our Indian Captain "AZHAR" was the person who started to roam behind Cine stars and the saga Continues. OK coming to the point, GANGULY and NAGMA did a NAGA POOJAI in CULCUTTA last week end and the POOJAI went well.


CHITHI Fame "RADHIKA" and SARATH KUMAR are in close contact with each other after the break up of SARATH relation with his wife. We all know that he has two Grown up Daughters. RADHIKA who is fed up with her Previous relations with PRATHAP, London "RICHARDS" is now ready to hang around and the right choice was SARATH KUMAR who was also in the same boat. It seems they are Officially married and they are having fun time, I don't know what made them to have a relation after the age of 50. That too a person who has TWO grown up kids. I think people has to literally ban these guys from acting in movies. If RADHIKA
is "CHITTHI" then Obviously SARATH is "CHITTHAPPA".

Rajini Kanth's Next Movie:

As we all know our thanga thalaivar super star Rajini has almost stopped acting. He acts in one film once in two years!Its definetly a great loss for people like US. But think of the Rasigar Mandrams. What will happen to it. Fine the Fans of Super Star Rajini have started to mix up the respective Fan Clubs with that of other heros like Vijayakanth/Ajeeth. This has happened in Coimbatore(I was shocked idhulaum koottaniya!) they have decided to call the Madram as Rajini-Vijyakanth Rasigarmandram. Fans are really pissed off, most of the Fans have decided not to celebrate Diwali because there was no new Rajini Film. Some have even started growing beards. The have decided not to shave off till a new Film Rajini Film is released/announced. This is something like a vendudhal ivanga ennamo thiruppadhikkum/pazhanikkum vendi kittu mudi valakkara madhiri irukku. People are fasting on Thrusdays not for Swami Ragavendra but for our Super Star Rajinikanth but if this trend continues then the popularity of the person who "re-wrote the history Tamil Nadu by just addressing our CM as KalingarJI" and other person who always "eats beatle nuts and talks which no one on this earth can understand as MoopanarJI" in the 1996 elections will be endangered.

On the other hand if we look at the delay in new films is because Super Star is getting aged and he does not plan to act
after four years. Most important factor is that he wants others to look at him as an aanmeegavadhi rather than an
arasiyalvadhi! This is the stmt given by his kariyadharisi satyanrayana. The happy news is that they are planning to start a
film shooting in the month of january but the name of the film is not yet annouced. "Andha Ragavendra Swamithan namakku
nerya thalaivar padam koduthu arulanum".
- Thanks Anand for the article

FLASH NEWS: "SREE DEVI" Became Mom Again:

"South India Super Heroine & Ever Sexy Baby " Sree Devi Became Mom again. We all know that Sree Devi Married "Bonny Kapoor" long back. Although everyone in the Cine Industry right from "Thyaga Raja" Bagawadar, P.S. Veerappa, P.U.
Chinnappa, Shivaji till today's Ajith, Vijay wanted to marry her. Even "Prawn King" K.T. Kunjumon, K.S Ravi Kumar tried their level best to Love Sree Devi. The only person who didnt try to Love Sree Devi was Vadivelu and Viyapuri.

SREE DEVI and BONNY KAPOOR fell in love as Bonny Helped out Sree's Mom when she was admitted in hospital. Basically he was doing all sorts of Nurse work for Srees Mom like "Making Orange Juice", "Holding her mom's head and putting Amurtanjan" when she was suffering from head ache etc. which other hero's like "ANIL KAPOOR", "SALMAN KHAN", "SHARUK KHAN" failed
to do.

Sree Devi after seeing the affection BONNY had on his "MOTHER-IN-LAW" fell in LOVE with him. Their LOVE Became big Day by Day and One day they Got married in "ASTA LAKSHMI KOVIL" and then they settled in JUHU, BOMBAY. Sree Devi Gave Birth to a Girl few years before and they named it as "MAGGIE". The recent Breaking news is she gave birth to Second One last week and Both MOM and KID are reported to be fine although it was a GIRL born after OPERATION. After hearing the news SREE DEVI's CHITHI and her relatives Rushed to BOMBAY to greet her. Any Donations like FAREX, AMUL, JOHNSON BABY SOAP, DIAPERS for SREE DEVI's new born baby are more than welcome. Please mail your Gifts to,



We all know that our Kodambakkam heroines are getting Fat day by day and at the same time Slim and Slender Heroines from North like SAKSHI, SIMRAN, MINRAN, KORANGAN, KUMARAN, KANDAN are coming towards South and are giving tough fight for these FAT and SHAPE LESS heroines. In early 90's people used to Construct Statue and do Pooja's for "FAT HEROINES". As
the market went down they have started to do some thing different.

KUSHBOO, MANTHRA, KOVAI 'SARALA', OORVASHI are going to take part in "ALL INDIA FILM ACTRESS SUMO WRESTLING" competition to be held in Madras Nehru stadium this Thanks Giving Day. The tickets for the Sumo Wrestling competition is sold out. All the above Actress are going to dress like SUMO WRESTLERS and going to kick each other on stage. Special care is taken so that the STAGE does not break while "KUSHBOO and MANTHRA" fight with each other. The winner of the fight will SUMO WRESTLE with the winner of "KOVAI" SARALA and OORVASHI Pair.

Sumo Wrestling experts say that the FINALS will be between "KUSHBOO" and "OORVASHI" as they are going out of shape day by day and all the fans want them to be the FINAL Players. The match will be broadcast all over the world and CNN, BBC, WORLDTEL are their in MADRAS to catch the match Live. After hearing the News, Future Sumo Wrestlers like MEENA, "MADIPU" HAMSA are also interested to join the competition and the organizers have promised to Conduct a SPECIAL SUMO WRESTLING competition between "MADIPU AZGI" MEENA Vs "MADIPU" HAMSA!!!!

The Rules for the Competition are:

1. One has to hold the others HIP and Throw them away from stage. That is KUSHBOO holding OORVASHI's Hip and throwing out of the stage and OORVASHI will Kick KUSHBOO from back !!!

2. Before starting Both the players "KUSHBOO" and "OORVASHI" has to run forward and dash their Heads with each other and a Sound "DUNG" must come out of their Impact. More to come later.
Please mail me at KANMAN@HOTMAIL.COM if you want to add some more rules !


The Hot topic of Kodambakkam right now is "KADALAN" fame Prabhu Deva is Roaming behind "Anbulla Rajiniganth" Fame Meena. Already Prabhu Deva's Brother Raju Sundaram has fallen in Love with "SIMRAN" and those two are roaming all over the world making trips to UGANDA, KENYA, SOMALIA, SUDAN, BURMA, BUTAN etc etc. MEENA who is a top star in Kodambakkam and who has lots and lots of movies in hand is ready to get married. PRABHU DEVA who thought that its the right time for him to get hold of her Stands in streets of Kodambakkam and roams behind MEENA's mom so that he can get good name from her Mom and at the same time Tie knot to her. So If this happen then SIMRAN and MEENA will be Sister-In-Laws.


Sarath Kumar who is acting in his new movie "MAYEE" is busy finishing his movie. Meena is the heroine of the movie. It seems that in the movie there is one scene like Supreme Star "Sarath" goes to Forest and hunts tigers and lions with his gun. When he was in middle of hunting suddenly a group of "KARADIS" (Black Bear's) started to chase our Sarath Kumar. They
thought that SARATH is one kind of KARADI and they started chase him. One Female Karadi which did'nt mate for a while
chased him for Two miles and something happened in Forest for 10 Minutes. Sarath was admitted in the nearby Veterinary hospital with Bandage. Hope another Little "Bear Sarath" will not be born in another 10 Months. Doctors have advised him to shave his Hair which has grown like a Forest in his body so that the next time he goes for hunting Bears will not think that he is one more
Bear and leave him without doing anything !!!


For the past few months in Kodambakkam there were lots of LOVE and MARRIAGE topics and stories going on. At Last "ATIT, SHALINI" got married after taking "DOG BITES" and "BERI KAYE SLAPS" from SHALINI's father. "SISTER KUSHBOO" also got
married to "C. SUNDER" and they are roaming in ATLANTIC CITY enjoying their HONEYMOON. The latest topic is "SIMRAN & RAJU SUNDARAM" LOVE MATTER.

SIMRAN a mind blowing beautiful babe of KODAMBAKKAM, the only figure who can be compared to Holly and Bolly Standards. After KUSHBOO's wave we can say the only heroine who touched Tamil Cinema fans in their Bottom Heart, Side Liver was SIMRAN. Her moments, her dance and what not. Suddenly there was a step down in her market. She stopped acting in new films and news came that she will accept movies only if it is having good story line. But LOLLU EXPRESS who knows IN and OUT of what is happening behind the scenes appointed a CID to find
out what was happening.

The reason was "RAJU SUNDARAM". We all know how RAJU SUNDARAM looks and SIMRAN looks. If you see RAJU SUNDRAM after 6 O'clock he will exactly look like a "SAIDAPET DONKEY" which used to Cross that Ugly KUVAM RIVER. This TAIL LESS DONKEY fell in LOVE With that beautiful "RABBIT". I dont know how love in Kodambakkam works. A Orangutan will fall in love with Kangaroo and a Water Elephant will fall in love with a Giraffe etc. It seems that RAJU SUNDARAM has asked SIMRAN not to act in movies and she must be a House wife making IDLY and COCONUT CHUTNEY to him. Magane RAJU SUNDARAM Unake Idhu Nalla Iruka !! We really dont care if you fall in love with KOUSALYA or SUVA LAKSHMI and ask them not to act. SIMRAN is for thousands of fans and we want her to act.


"ALL INDIA USSSS MEET" was held on 1st May 2000 in "ALIYANDANGA". Almost all Kodambakkam USSSS were present for the show. Kodambakkam Super USSS "ABBAS", MANOJ, SALMAN KHAN, SAIF ALI KHAN from Mumbai were present for the show. A competition was held there to select "WHO IS THE BEST USSS AMONG the USSS came to that function and the Best USSSS will be awarded a post called "ALL INDIA USSSS PRESIDENT" .

ABBAS was selected as the BEST USSS of the year 2000 and was given the post. Hope everyone knows about ABBAS and his wonderful acting.





AJIT, SHALINI at last got married yesterday in Madras. The marriage was a simple marriage. At last SHALINI's father agreed to their LOVE MARRIAGE. Lollu Express wishes both of Them a very happy married life. Lots and lots of VIP's Like "MADIPU HAMSA", "GUNDU KALYANAM", " GALA PETTI SINGARAM", "SUPER SUBURAYAN", "SAIDAPET RAMU", attended the marriage. Lots of Fans came to their marriage. The reception took place in RANI SEETHAI Hall. AJIT and SHALINI are going to go to "SREE VILLI PUTHUR" for their Honeymoon.

A small interview with AJIT AND SHALINI:

Lollu Express : Will you act in Movies after marriage ?
Shalini : If Ajit asks me to act i Will

Lollu Express : Will you allow your wife (Shalini to act in Movies) ?
AJIT : We are like SUNDAL and MARINA BEACH or like ANT and SUGAR.
Acting is her personal wish. I dont mind she acting in movies!

Lollu Express : What happened to HEERA ? What happend to your Love with
AJIT : She became "JEERA" ( Jeera is a mixture of Sugar and Cream
which we eat with Pineapple).


We already know that BARATHI RAJA became ANDI after his movie TAJ MAHAL. The One and only reason was because of his "DAVA PUTHALVAN" MANOJ. It seems that People who came to theatre to see the movie ran outside the theatre inspite of closing the door and Giving Free Cone Ice and Pop Corn in the interval etc etc ,

Seeing the wonderful Acting of MANOJ and his Donkey voice "BIRDS" which used to Come to "VEDANTHANGAL" during the FALL Season stopped coming and a VANDALUR ZOO "Chimpanzee" died out of heart attack after seeing the wonderful acting of MANOJ in TAJ MAHAL. Our Lollu Express Corespondent interviewed BARATHI RAJA and he
said that he has taken a new step and he is going to direct a new movie called " KUVATHIL CRUISE " which is going to a REMAKE OF TITANIC!

He also said that he is going to change his son's Hair Style like TITANIC HERO and the Heroin of the movie is going to either (RIYA SEN or PREETHI ZINTHA or RAVEENA TANDON). He also said that the story is going to be same as TITANIC and the CRUISE is Going to start from "SAIDAPET KUVAM RIVER" and is going to PASS "KODAMBAKKAM and NUNGAMBAKKAM KUVAM and is going to take a diversion and will go to MINT KUVAM!!

In the mean time out TITANIC HERO (MANOJ and RIYA SEN) will sing two duets in KUVAM when they pass KODAMBAKKAM and out MANOJ will be standing at the tip of the Boat Holding RIYA SEN, and singing the famous TITANIC song "WHEN THE NIGHT IS DREAMING ..... SONG" in Tamil. The story ends as the CRUISE goes into KUVAM WATER near ELEPHANT GATE near MINT.

BARATHIRAJA is in a sort of confusion! He might name this movie as "KUVATHIL CRUISE" ! and he is damn sure that this movie is going to be a big hit like TITANIC or JURASSIC PARK and he has planned to release the movie all over the world. Our LOLLU EXPRESS will give you up to date update of this New BARATHIRAJA's "KUVATHIL CRUISE" !!


Already Kodambakkam is flooded with Actor and Actress Son's and Daughter. Few days before BARADIRAJA's Son MANOJ came into picture and All the Monkeys and Donkeys Ate the Poster of That Movie seeing MANOJ!

Now our T.RAJENDER is introducing his son T.R. SILAMBARASAN in his next movie "KADAL AZIVADILAI" !! IDHU THEVIYA!! Hope everyone knows how SILAMBARASAN will look ! It seems that it's a story about a +2 Student who is studying in a School Falls in LOVE with a Girl who he used to meet in Chemistry Tution!

When our LOLLU EXPRESS Correspondent interviewed T.RAJENDER he said,



It seems that he has included everything in the movie which included FIVE DUETS with Heroin and THREE songs sung by his DAVA PUDALVAN "T.R SILAMBARASAN"!!! Guys I think its more thanEnough!!!!


The hottest topic in Kodambakkam today is AJIT, SHALINI marriage issue. AJIT KUMAR a Romeo boy of KODAMBAKKAM and a Young guy who is in hearts of Young Girls. He fell in love with SHALINI few months ago.

AJIT said that he is going to MARRY SHALINI by the end of this month. But SHALINI's parents were really against this marriage because AJIT used to roam with HEERA!! Before HERRA, he was in LOVE with a +2 Girl Vidhya who was studying in VIDHYA MANDIR, CHROMPET. In fact TWO CHROMPET dogs bite AJIT in his THIGS when he was roaming behind that +2 GIRL in bike before becoming an actor. Even today that DOG TEETH scar is visible in his thighs.

AJIT announced his "NICHYATHARTHAM" is going to be on MAR 25th and almost all film stars and fans were waiting for the event to happen. Almost all news papers published their MARRIAGE PICTUES like "AJIT TYING THALI TO SHALINI" and they both Drinking "COCA COLA" with TWO Straws in a SAME BOTTLE and AJIT travelling in a red color 1945 Oldsmobile JANAWASAM car with his AKKA Sons etc.

But this is what happened on 25th March. AJIT went to SHALINIS place with a SILK JIBBA and SILK VESTI with his parents. SHALINIS parents were totally upset about this marriage and they were planning her to get married to "ROBERTO BAGGIO" (ITALY Foot Ball Player) !! Talks were already going on between ROBERTO BAGGIO's father and SHALINI's father MR. SOCRATIS!!

Everything went fine as AJITS relatives went with 2 DOZEN of PINE APPLE, 3 THAR of YELLO BANANAS, ONE PLATE of "KALKANDU", One Plate of "BERCHAM PAZAM" (DATE FRUIT) , One Plate of "KASHMIR ACCROOT KOTTAI", 5 DOZEN of "KAMALA ORANGE", 5 DOZEN of "SHIMLA APPLE" ! But SHALINIS father who want to stop this marriage some how STOLE "5 ACCROOT KOTTAI" and ate in front of the crowd !!! He even STOLE few KALKANDUS and ate like a DONKEY in front of AJIT FAMILY and Vomited on AJIT SILK JIBBBA

AJIT who got totally irritated asked "MAMA why are u doing all these " ! If you want ACCROOT KOTAI I will buy for you. But SHALINI's father in turn blasted AJIT saying that "How Dare you call me MAMA before marriage" and took PINE APPLES near by and throwed on AJIT!! He even throwed ACCROOTS and KALKANDU on him! AJIT was rushed to the near by "GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL"! As of now the MARRIAGE IS CANCELLED !!! LOLLU EXPRESS will give you correct Information and whats happening with AJITS ACCROOT SLAPS ASAP!!!!



Few Months before our LOLLU EXPRESS gave some hot news about Our "GEMINI &JULIYANA" love matter !! GEMINI dated Later GEMINI DATED JULIYANA for SIX MONTHS in SINGAPORE and Promised her that he will marry her. As promised he married JULIYANA and started his new Life with YOUNG JULIYANA!! We all know that they went to US VIRGIN ISLANDS for Honey moon !!!

After 3 Months GEMINI GANESAN got slapped with SLIPPERS and THODAPAMS from JULIYANA as he was forcing her to have a Baby !!! They both got separated because of this issue. We all know that Even 5 or 6 VIYAG..A Tablet cannot do anything for his ........ and there is no way he can do anything at the age of 80.

Now a shocking news came yesterday night from one of our LOLLU EXPRESS correspondent that JULIYANA is Pregnant and it seems that GEMINI was able to do something this time after ONE YEAR. Still Doctors are in a big surprise how a 80 Year Man is able to act like a 25 Years old Young man !! Anyway all the Best GEMINI for your 195th KID and the FIRST KID of this CENTURY !!!!


Atlast We got a Solution from our Microsoft Solution Provider. The "YOUNG LOVE BIRDS" KUSHBOO and C.SUNDER's Marriage is confirmed and its going to be on 9th MARCH 2000. Hearing this news Our "OMAKUCHI" NARASIMAN had a mild heart break as he was in LOVE with KUSHBOO for NINE YEARS !

The Dog Poster which was hanging for a while instead of C.SUNDER's poster has been replaced again with C.SUNDER Poster. It seems that their Honey moon is in HAWAI!!! All the best KUSHBOO from our Lollu Express Readers



We all know that hot topic of Kodambakkam is KUSHBOO, C.SUNDER Love Matter. It seems that their LOVE was going very smoothly without any problem. A green signal was given both in SUNDER and KUSHBOO's house.

Few days before when our Lollu Express correspondent went to KUSHBOO's house there was a huge picture of "KUSHBOO and C.SUNDER" hanging in the hall. It seems that the size of the picture was nearly 5 Feet by 3 Feet and it was so grand like the picture of GANDHI in GANDHI MANDABAM, ADAYAR, MADRAS. KUSHBOO also admitted that they both are in TWO WAY LOVE and soon their marriage is going to be held in "MANGADU AMMAN

But a shocking and heart breaking news Came to me from our Correspondent Few minutes ago and he said that the huge Photo (KUSHBOO & C.SUNER Photo) which was hanging for the past Six months was replaced with KUSHBOO and a BLACK DOBERMAN DOG which was also the same size as the previous one.

Our Correspondent asked MISS KUSHBOO about the replacement of C.SUNDER's Picture and hanging DOBERMAN DOG's picture in it. KUSHBOO as usual gave a beauty smile and went off. LOLLU EXPRESS is investigating the reason for the DOGS PICTURE. We will provide you with useful information of KUSHBOO's picture with DOBERMAN DOG !!!


A common question in Kodambakkam is "WHERE IS SUKANYA" ?? Lot of Emails came to our LE asking about SUKANYA ! Yes i am talking about the same old CHINNA GOUNDER "SUKANYA" ! Some say that there was a Railway track going on between "SUKANYA and Some


Actually what happened is she is suffering from Sever "SULUKU" which is lasting For more than 4 Years. It seems that she has tried different methods to remove that SULUKU but its of no use. If some one who knows how to Remove "IDUPU SULUKU" for SUKANYA

Can mail her at :

SUKANYASULUKU@IDUPPU.ORG..... Atleast we can see her in action again.


 KUSHBOOOOO the heroin of 90's ! She started with "Varusham 16" and came a big round in Tamil movies for years! Before that she was doing lot of GUNA CHITRA ROLLS Like SILK, DISCO SANTHI, KUYILI in Lots of Hindi and Punjabi movies. She had a big fan followers for years right from Rickshaw Driver, Auto Drivers, Lorry Drivers, to .... Soft ware engineers ! She was very famous that people started building temples for her and they started to do pooja's regularly for KUSHBOOOOOO's statue !

Her market started to fall when rumors came that she is in LOVE with PRABHU ! Their marriage pictures were published in all major news papers in the world like 'DINAKARAN', 'MALAI MURASU', 'AMBULIMAMA', 'NEW YORK TIMES', 'CHICAGO TRIBUNE' ! But both PRABHU and KUSHBOO said that they were animated pictures like the one in 'LION KING' and 'TOY STORY' and they are just fake !!

Slowly her LOVE with PRABHU broke as Director C. SUNDER took over PRABHU as PRABHU's family was against their LOVE !! C. SUNDER gave a break to KUSHBOO !! gave lots and lots of family hit movies!! Their LOVE reached countries like ILANGAI, MALASIYA, SINGAPORE, BURMA, BUTAN, INDONESIA like GOPAL PAL PODI !!! These two young love pairs (KUSHBOO & C. SUNDER) roamed here and there and they were going steady !! But the latest news from KODAMBAKKAM say that these young Love Pair broke again and it seems that KUSHBOO is in LOVE with a new Director whose name starts with the letter 'KASTHUR...... RA..A' ( Fill the blank and u will know the name). LOLLU EXPRESS correspondent MR. KODAMBAKAM 007 is Investigating this New love developed between KUSHBOO and 'KASTU... RA..A' ! We will give you the latest soon !


     RAJU SUNDARAM, Prabhu Deva's Brother who is a dance master in all most all the tamil movies. He has arranged for a Grand Dance party with top 10 Heroines on New Years day !! On JAN 1 2000! SIMRAN, RAMBHA, NAGMA, KUSHBOO, SUVALAKSHMI, HEERA, MEENA, DEVIYANI, JOTHIKA and MANTHRA, are going to dance in front of 50,000 people in NEHRU Stadium, Madras. He is not worried about YEAR 2000 or YEAR 3000 Problem ! We all know how RAJU SUNDRAM looks !! He will be like a THREE YEAR OLD "URANGUTAN" !! If any one wants to know what is a URANGUTAN (Its a reptile found in Forest of AFRICA) !! With his stupid DHADI and round eyes! All these days he was dancing with Extras and Rumor came that he is going steady with SIMRAN !! Lollu express is investigating what is happening between "RAJU SUNDARAM & SIMRAN" !! We will provide our Subscribers with correct and useful information about SIMRAN and RAJU SUNDARAM Love in our next issue ! It seems that in the dance function all the above 10 Females are going to Lift RAJU SUNDARAM ! and dance for all the sexy songs in a sexy manner ! Guys dont miss this wonderful dance party in Madras !


         RAMBHA.. (38 - 32 - 36) artist who has been in hearts of Tamil film fans for the past four years !! It may be Anna Nagar "ALTALS" or Besant Nagar "BANDHAS" or Royapuram "ROMEOS" Rambha has been a "Amudasurabi" for our Jollus !! Right from 6 Years to 60 Years RAMBHA service to our Nations Male Generation is countless and wonderful !!!

        She has been a Dream girl, Duet girl for thousands and thousands !!! Her special parts in her 'HIMALAYAN' body is her wide spread HIPS and her THUNDER THIGS !! Now she has a problem !! It seems that she has got an extra fold in her HIPS ( Additional "MADIPU") !! She already had TWO MADIPU and this extra one adds on to three !! Our Kodambakkam Directors are very much happy about an extra Fold in RAMBHA's hips because they were making Thousands showing her two Folds. Not that there is an extra fold in her Hips they are thinking of making Crores by showing her "MADIPPU's " to our JOLLUS !!!

      AIKBO, (ALL INDIA KEZHA BOLT ORGANISATION) which has like 2678 Members who are more than 60 Years old started celebrating this "EXTRA MADIPPU" in RAMBHAS HIPS !!! AIKBO President MR. SOMASUNDARAM has arranged for a special 'RECORD DANCE' to celebrate this Extra Fold that happened in RAMBHAS hips last week !!!



      'Kadal Kotai' Pugaz AJIT and 'Kadaliku Mariyathai' Pugaz Shalini fell in Love with each other few days back when they were acting together in the Movie 'Amarkalam' !! Both of them doesnt know the reason behind their LOVE ! We all know that their was a LOVE STORY going on between AJIT and HEERA before this which broke in the middle because another hero from ANDRA Came and took over AJIT, !! After that AJIT drinking poison.... Admitted in Hospital .. etc etc. and Said to the public that its a Bike Accident that too in TVS 50 inside his house Compound !!!

       Ok regarding this new Love story (AJIT & SHALINI) !!! It seems that SHALINI asked AJIT to come to her home and talk to her parents ! AJIT as usual went with a RED SHIRT and a BLUE JEANS and a WAIST COAT with lot of Perfumes and a NIKE AIR Shoe thinking that he will get SHALINI without any problem !!But SHALINI's parents were really smart !! They have a 'BLACK DOBERMAN' DOG in their home which they did?nt feed for four days !! They were just waiting for AJIT to enter their home and they let that BLACK DOBERMAN on AJIT !! The dog which was really hungry seeing SEVEN different colors took 3 KILO of flesh out of AJIT ! After this dog incident SHALINI's dad came out and slapped him !! He also said that if he is going to enter his house saying that 'HE IS IN LOVE' or 'SHE IS IN LOVE' he is going to get hold of SAIDAPET 'PIGS' and CROMPET 'DONKEYS' to take the rest of the flesh !! AJIT was rushed to the near by Dog hospital and Doctors are still in the process of giving the best treatment both to DOG as well as AJIT KUMAR !!!


         We all know that THE YOUNG LOVE BIRDS of this century Supreme Star "SARATH KUMAR" and NAGMA LOVE broke few months back because SARATH wife didnt allow him to have a SECOND WIFE !! SARATH who was in deep love with NAGMA was not able to take this Love failure with NAGMA was in deep confusion !! He forgot to take BATH and war roaming like DEVADOSS with a brandy bottle in streets of Kodambakkam ! It seems that NAGMA totally forgot him and now going stead with a SOFTWARE Engineer in USA !!By default all our heroines after their market is out will start their LOVE with a software engineer from USA !!

       Our Sarat Kumar who was not able to get hold of NAGAMA decided to LOVE her sister JOTHIKA !! He said our Lollu Express correspondent that "I WILL LOVE and MARRY" a female from NAGMA's family !! Either it may be NAGMA or JOTHIKA or SURPANAKA (Nagmas Younger Sister) !!! It seems that his Only aim in his life is to Love a female from Nagmas family !! Hope his dream will come true one day !!!


Have a Great Week end !!! If u are thinking of not enjoying ur life or Thinking of being Matured or Thinking or Ur Life or about ur Future or about ur Future Wife "PLEASE FORGET IT". TAKE GEMINI GANESAN as an EXAMPLE and ENJOY !!!!! - LOLLU BOYS


Madras Feb 26th , A hot news happened as KADAL MANNAN 80 YEARS OLD "GEMINI" Divorced his Fourth Wife JULIYA. He has acted in lot of HIT TAMIL MOVIES LIKE "PAKATTHU VETTU PENN", "MISSIY AMMA" "KANAVANE KAN KANDA THEIVAM" TO "PASAMALAR" ", The Story is some thing like this. 80 Years Old GEMINI fell in LOVE with JULIYA when he met her in BANGALORE. From that time "He was always thinking About JULIYA". He started drinking because "HE THOUGHT that he Could not get JULIYA" .JULIYA is 35 Years old Female from Singapore. They got married and GEMINI found an appartment For JULIYA in T.Nagar.

The problem with GEMINI and JULIYA came when GEMINA insisted JULIYA to give Birth to a CHILD. (GUYS GEMINI wants KID at the age of 80). GEMINI wants to have that THREE TIMES A DAY at the AGE OF 80. (Hope VIYAGRA Sales in MADRAS will increase If 80 YEARS Old People starts to Do This ) !!!!BUT JULIYA doesn't want KIDS from GEMINI !!! So the fight Between both of them started .

GEMINI is not feeling well and he was admitted in MALAR Hospital in ADYAR. It seems that instead of Screaming AMMA, APPA he was "JULIYANA JUKIYANA " and he is looking at the NURSE In a side Angel.


Our LOLLU EXPRESS Correspondent MISS.PAMILA took an interview with JULIYA Yesterday.

Q. What do u think about this Divorce ?
A. I am Not like SAVITHRI. I will go to court and make GEMINI to fall on my feet. Hope all The women organization will help me in this issue.

Q. You know that he is already married? Why do u want to marry GEMINI again ?

A. He wants to have That(HOPE EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THAT" everyday before My Marriage. To be safe we married !!!